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How to tell the sex of your kitten

Telling the difference between male and female kittens is fairly easy if you know know what to look for, but it is not something that should be attempted before the kitten is 3-4 weeks old.


Not only can excessive handling by humans be very unsettling for a young kitten, but it can also lead to the kitten being rejected by her mother. Furthermore, the older the kitten is, the more developed their genitals become and this naturally makes the process much easier.

Taking all of the above into consideration, and also first ensuring the mother cat is accepting of you temporarily taking her kitten from her, you will need to gently hold the kitten in a position where you are able to lift the tail and take a good look at the genitals. Standing him or her on a table is a good idea as it provides added stability. Be careful not to allow the kitten to twist around whilst you are lifting their tail as this can cause injury.

The first point to note is that the distance between the anus and urinary tract is longer in a male than in a female. Secondly, the genital opening in a male kitten is round in shape, whereas it is slit shaped in a female. The image below show this in more detail.

How to tell the difference between male and female kittens

Another indicator you can use to determine the sex of a kitten is by checking the kittenís nipples. Female kittens tend to have 6 - 8, whereas male kittens generally do not have this many and they are not as noticeable.

One further interesting fact is that tortoiseshell, calico and torbie cats are always female because of their genetic make up. However it is purely a myth that all ginger cats are male.


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